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The Return of the Barbarian

Excerpt from the article by 'VENKAT' on Ribbonfarm:

The Barbarians and the Civilized

The most famous lower and higher barbarians in history are Genghis Khan and his grandson Kublai Khan respectively. They represent the classic historical pattern of interaction between pastoral nomads and civilized peoples.

The pattern is a simple one: a settled civilization grows old, stupid and tired, and a vigorous barbarian culture swoops in and takes over from the top, and gradually gets civilized and stupid in turn, until it too is ripe for destruction by pastoral nomads on its periphery.

Modern Europeans since the time of Gibbon (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) have managed to rejoice in a rather contradictory view of themselves: they celebrate their dual origins in the vigorous barbarian cultures of the North and the exhausted cultures of antiquity. Over the protests of modern Italians and Greeks, Northern Europeans have successfully managed to appropriate for themselves the role of “true” stewards of the achievements of Greece and Rome, cultures that their barbarian forbears were instrumental in destroying (if you want to know which origin myth is closer to the hearts of Europeans, look no further than the tattoos of white gangs in prisons: they tend to be drawn from Scandinavian mythologies).

Here’s a rather suggestive piece of European history that illustrates the barbarian/civilized dynamic. In the traditional account of the “civilization of Europe,” wine played an interesting role. The Gauls (so the story goes, according to Gibbon) became Romanized first, as Roman wine-making techniques spread to what is today modern France. The Goths were interested in many of the luxuries of Rome, but the one that tempted them the most was wine, which they grew to prefer over the cruder spirits they themselves distilled.

I don’t want to hang my entire theory of civilization on this little item, but it is interesting that the barbarians were civilized, in part, through the temptations of an addiction: better booze, the refined product of an agrarian accumulation culture.

Enough examples, let’s note the two interesting questions that emerge, that deserve analysis:
First, how is it that apparently “inferior” cultures have repeatedly swooped in and destroyed and/or taken over “superior” cultures? Why was Genghis Khan able to take over China, and how did his grandson successfully create the Yuan dynasty? How did Arab armies conquer the vastly more civilized and sophisticated Persian society? How did Turks pretty much take over most of South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa? Going further back, how did the Proto Indo-European (or “Aryans”) take down the entire Bronze Age family of civilizations?

Second, given the astounding win record of the “barbarians” against the “civilized,” how come history isn’t written from the point of view of the pastoral nomads? Why aren’t the histories of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Babylon, Persia, India and China sideshows, with pride of place being given to Mongols, Turks, Arabs and Northern Europeans (pre 1000 AD)? Isn’t history supposed to be written by the winners?

Refinement and Stupidity

Here’s the answer to the first question: “barbarians” are on average, individually smarter, but collectively stupider than a thriving settled civilization.

One-on-one, a lower barbarian can outthink, outfight, and out-innovate a civilized citizen any day.

But a settled civilization at its peak can blow a lower barbarian civilization away. Not least because at the very top, you still have Veblen’s “uncivilized” higher barbarians (or, to use the Ribbonfarm term, sociopaths). But once it begins its decline, the greater live intelligence of the barbarians begins to take effect.

The explanation for this contradiction is a very simple one: by definition, civilization is the process of taking intelligence out of human minds and putting it into institutions. And by “institution” I mean something completely general: any codified organizational form based on writing will do. Writing, as Plato noted in Phaedrus, is the main medium through which intelligence passes from humans to institutions.

LIBYA: The Barbarians, NATO, Are At The Gates -- Webster Tarpley In Tripoli

The war in Libya is a practical lesson in the post-modern, nihilistic lexicon of internationalism. A war isn't a war -- far from it, it's a humanitarian enterprise to keep the peace. War is peace. Soldiers are peacekeepers.
In a deja vu from the 80s, the Pan-Islamist radicals driving the rebellion, a gaggle of armed gangs and paramilitary organizations stemming from the Muslim Brotherhood, are redefined as "heroes of democracy". These are the people to be put in power in post-intervention Libya. Their leader, Abdel al-Hasidi, former Taliban fighter, notorious Libyan terrorist, proudly announces that quite a few of his rebel heroes are fighters from al-Qaeda, and it is now stated in the press that al-Qaeda is pouring in Libya to be...well, our new allies. This is not a surprise at all: the hotbed of the rebellion, Cyrenaica, is one of the world capitals of Islamist terrorism. This is the "land of freedom" now being protected by the UN no-fly zone, in a brazen repeat of the UN/al-Qaeda/Hezbollah alliance in the Balkans, in the 90s.
Meanwhile, NATO's still building permanent bases in Pakistan and deploying Predator drones to bomb Pashtun farmers; to fight Pan-Islamism of course.

The mass campaign of destabilization being waged all across North Africa and the Middle East has its most recent parallel in the wave of chaos that was unleashed on Black Africa back in the 1970s. The keywords here are divide and rule, create chaos to impose a new order of things. Use any means whatsoever to shred the sovereign nation-state. Then, balkanize the population to keep them squabbling with each other, safe in the knowledge that natural resources are yours to take, and human resources will be cheap and desperate. Ship in 'hard power' mercenaries to protect the production hubs, but also 'soft power' specialists (i.e., the NGOs) to manage the misery, and facilitate the population's adaptation to a wonderful lifestyle of communal 'simplicity', famine, destitution.

This age-old formula is the one being applied for completely remaking the Islamist world, as expressed in the combined Brzezinski/Bernard Lewis/PNAC doctrine.

The first big step was to create what Zbigniew Brzezinski called an "imperial mobilization" into the region, to establish a permanent international military presence -- this was accomplished with the Iraq and Afghanistan(-Pakistan) wars. At the same time, as Brzezinski said, in The Grand Chessboard (1997), imperial mobilization would come hand in hand with the installment of a police state structure in the west.

The next stage would be, as it is now, to shred the region, bit by bit, nation by nation. Various client regimes (such as Mubarak's was) also have to go, in that they have an established national structure and, therefore, are not yet ready for open balkanization and plunder, under international management. In these cases, the favored method is the soft power coup, the color revolution, using NGO networks, local radicals and army factions. The end result, the singing tomorrows of all this, will of course be Congo-like tribalized wastelands; and extremely pliable, military-dominated governments, like the ones now in place in Egypt and Tunisia.

North Africa will become a protectorate of the European superstate, Europe's Mexico: a source of easy revenue, cheap workers and plenty of panic migrations, border conflict, armed gangs, Mediterranean piracy.
The Middle East itself will be, as stated in various white papers (ex., Brzezinski & Gates, Iran: Time For A New Approach, CFR, 2004), divided between two internationally-managed blocs: one Sunni and the other Shiia, centered on Turkey and Iran, respectively. A dialectical process of controlled conflict will eventually result in the creation of a general Middle Eastern Union, which is projected to be a trade corridor between the expanded blocs of the EU and ASEAN. The people being used as pawns in this Grand Game, to bring this process along, shouldn't be mistaken: the only thing they'll get out of this is a nonstop dynamic of conflict and destitution. Their former nations will have been turned into deculturalized wastelands, to be managed by global agencies, policed by international forces. Everything of value will have been taken over by international financiers: oil wells, pipelines, the Suez Canal, the Ormuz infrastructures, and so on.

We're already well into this, which is to be just another chapter in the poorly understood process that is globalization: i.e. the hostile takeover of the world, by a handful of finance oligarchs, using international agencies as their enforcers, and various forms of destabilization, as well as gradualism, as methods of choice. In this process, the nation-state is slowly dissolved under various pressures, to allow for the rise of technocratic regional blocs who, in turn, respond to privatized global governance agencies.

Filesharing no act of worship: agency

This was the last word on the matter from Sweden's Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet), who thus rejected Uppsala'sPirate Party's attempt to get their activities registered as a religious faith, under the name The Missionary Church of Kopimism.

Isak Gerson, missionary director at the Church of Kopimism, was disappointed by the decision, which was the second time the church's registration was rejected.

"It feels bitter. Last time we applied there were valid reasons for their rejection. We've had a dialogue with them since then, and sent in a new application with changes based on this dialogue," he told The Local.

"So it feels rough not to know why we were rejected."

The Church derived its name from the online movement "Kopimi" (read as "copyme"), in which users are invited to add a "Kopimi" logo to their website if they are willing to have their information copied by others.

The Kopimists, who write on their website that having information copied is nothing more than a token of appreciation, describe their worship service kopyacting thus in their application:

"Kopimists who partake in digital kopyacting are encouraged to copy, remix and spread as much information between each other as possible."

"Copying is something holy, and good beyond question," explains Gerson about the Kopimist faith.

Sweden's Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency were unconvinced, however, and ruled that kopyacting could not be considered worship, nor could the Kopimists be considered a "community for religious service to sufficient degree".

Though baffled by this rejection, Isak Gerson is adamant that the Church of Kopimism will continue its work.

In The Name Of The Father, Son And Holy Meatballs

1. The creation story - Pastafarian version (The first day: the light)

2. The creation story - Pastafarian version (The Second Day: The Firmament)

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - Russian division:

NAS- Pastafarians Unite!

Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak talk about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the pastafarians.

Oslo Bombing: Reports men in black unmarked uniforms sweeping area prior to attack

"As such, it is likely he was ethnically Norwegian. This could indicate the involvement of a far-right group rather than an Islamist group, though it is also the case that the Labour Party would be a favorable target for Islamist groups due to its role in authorising Norwegian military deployments in Afghanistan,"

OSLO BOMBING (False Flag Attack On Norway?)

Oslo Explosion Rocks Government Building - 7/22 False Flag Terror - Breaking News

Government building in Oslo Norway bombed in false flag terror attack. 7/22 = NWO signature series terror.

Interesting the timing of this home land security video being released AND WITH IN 48 hours there just happens to be an attack in norway showing a supposed white Norwegian man dressed as a policeman, then the same man is also found 2 hours later at a camp dressed also as a police officer starts opening fire on the students killing 10 confirmed. Can we say false flag fear and terror mongering to force the public to submitt to the new worlds control. WHAT'S really interesting is the fact that the prime minister got a call the night before telling him to not go to the meeting he was supposed to attend today. WHAT'S even more interesting is the fact that the explosion came from beneath the building exsploding upwards not outwards. l so there was underground workers working in front of the building underground what an interesting luck of timming hmmmmmmmmmmm very interesting.

5 Reasons Why The Oslo Bombing Already Looks Like A False Flag Attack

Norway Terror Attack Is False Flag Operation

Oslo Police Conducted Bombing Exercise Days Before Terrorist Blast....

In yet another example of how almost every major terror event is accompanied by a security drill focused around the same scenario, Oslo police were conducting a bombing exercise at a location near the Oslo Opera House just 48 hours before a terrorist blast hit a government building in the Norwegian capital.

According to the translated version of an Aftenposten report, "Anti-terror police fired explosive charges at a training center in Oslo, two hundred meters from the Opera, but forgot to notify the public."

The exercise occurred on Wednesday and revolved around anti-terror units attacking a disused building at the edge of Bjørvika pier with bombs and firearms.

"The men lowered themselves down from the roof and in through the window that had just been blown out, while they fired hand their weapons," states the report, noting that the exercise was "dramatic," produced "violent bangs," and was watched by spectators at the nearby Opera House.

A video of the drill that accompanies the story shows police scaling the side of a building with an explosion going off below them before they enter the window and start firing.

Police had to publicly apologize today for not informing the public about the exercise.

Although it's too early to judge the nature of this exercise, the fallback of a drill, which gives the state an excuse should any evidence of complicity in the real attack emerge, has been evident in previous major terror events, including both 7/7 and 9/11.

In the case of the London bombings, a consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th, a "coincidence" many skeptics of the official story have dismissed as a statistical impossibility. Paul Joseph Watson, Prison July 22, 2011

Article Source:

Oslo Terror: Whose Agenda Does It Serve?:


New World Order by EMBED feat Kapulet

New World Order LYRICS

New World Order
got us living in fear of a global Nuclear Fallout
were gonna phase out cash rewrite maps
make opposing armies doormats
Control your media
so dividing and conquering is expedient
entertainment and obedience
are among their chief ingredients and effective immediate
they're trading places and faces
with foreign races and status there is no safe haven or oasis
unless you fought and made it
death on a cross and the star of david
paid for the cost and the masses you play with
because liberty's light is fading

Meditation through ages and knowledge lost in ancient pages
eradication in stages the rise of the empire civilisation
with patience
overcasting frequency modulation on nations
diplomatic military statements
hunting down democracy evasion
Indoctrinated the population
you're freedom traded
quit complaining you've been invaded and all you're human right have been jaded
put your cards on the table
fight for your cause willing and able
evade the words of the devil
telling you that you're a rebel
what freedom means to the average citizen
is not what the western world has given them
now its time for a lesson
date of 9 and 11 planes and demolition civilians shiver
a million barrels of oil to deliver fabricating a threat from the sinners and you get to play the law givers

Pyramid schemes myriad dream from the eagles nest they'll consider your needs
preying on the masses with all seeing eye beams
satallites tracking you daily and nightly
and rightly so you're a menace
trespass on my premise with malice
no more banners you'll put on the palace
unless you keep your balance
so how far do you go for survival
eliminate your rivals getting tribal
Antagonise be wise conquer divide at the end be civilised
Our armies walk the world
what war is this
we'll call it third
the people heard it is when you hear the words
world war four or fifth or worse

And I Too in Darkadia - The '70s Drawings of Zdzisław Beksiński

1970 was the last year of exhibitions devoted exclusively to Beksiński's drawings. In the following years he organised a few mixed exhibitions, composed of paintings and drawings, but henceforward a growing place devolved to paintings. His last drawings date from 1973-74 (Beksiński began drawing again in 1988).

They barely resemble the first ones which, until 1968, were of modest dimensions and executed in pen and ballpoint. Since 1968 they have been large, averaging 40 in x 28 in, and are executed in charcoal. Strictly speaking, they are paintings in black and white - works which differ from painting neither in form not in subject. The charcoal technique allowed him an extended use of soft chiaroscuro in a "naturalist" manner. The charcoal pictures of Beksiński constitute one of the highest achievements of modern drawing. They show his rare skill in means of expression, which few artists have ever attained.

Music: Popol Vuh, 'Mantra 1': from the soundtrack album to Werner Herzog's 'Nosferatu the Vampyre' ('Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht'), SPV, 1978/2004

Anonymous - The Voice of Revolution

Michael Tsarion - Red Ice Interview 06-21-07

Michael Tsarion on Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren. Recorded on June 21st, 2007.

'Michael Tsarion joins us for an excellent two-hour conversation on the topic of Sorcery vs. Magic. Topics Discussed: Dialectic, the Puppet and the Strings, oppositions, Karma & Dharma, The Roles of Humans, Yin & Yang, Pulse or Wave, Getting the Gold (Matter), the Trappings of the Inauthentic Life, Sorcerer Addicted to Power, Shamans and Hygiene, Comfortable in the Lie, Exorcism, the Shadow, Medication and Escape, Manufacturing of Stimuli, The Prisoner, Re-pression Su-pression, War on Consciousness, Thought Control, Maintaining and Entertain the System and the Cage. Manipulating the Inner Desires, New Age Movement, Elements of Truth, Yoga, Reconstructing the Ego, Al Gore and Global Warming, Chi, Prana and Earth Energy, Earth Grid, Sages and Philosophers, Maya, Illusion & Matter, Television, Manufacturing and Manifesting Problems, Meaning to Life from Within Yourself, Attitude Towards Good and Evil, Personal Relationship with the Elements, Light & Water, Time as an Entity. Enlightenment, River of Time, Letting Go of the Oars, Compassion = Complete Passion, Have you Bought a Lie or been Sold a Lie? Limitless Mind, Color, Architecture, Temple of the Rat and Much More.'

Bohemian Grove exposed - By William Cooper

Global Peace on the Move V

This is a story of a group of young Peace Activists who have a dream to bring about peace in the world. They have discovered inner peace in themselves from ancient wisdom that have changed their lives for a better forever. Share in their journey and discovery in "Mooktawan" the island of the sun.

Anonymous Message - RELEASE THE KRAKEN

World's First Global Mind

World's First Global Mind by Distributed Digital Consciousness via Global Brain. Collective intelligence, creating Internet Intelligence towards Evolution of Mass Mind

Time for a Revolution 2011

A Video of the protests in the world in 2011

Activists From ’68 Revolutions Interviewed For Database

Hundreds of interviews with former activists from the 1968 revolutions which shook Europe have been analysed and put online by an international research team led by historians at Oxford University.

Nearly 500 activists from more than 100 activist networks in 14 European countries have been recorded discussing how they became involved in activism, their experiences in 1968 and what they now think about their activist past.

The interviews have been put into an online database called ‘Around 1968’: Activism, Networks, Trajectories’, which has now been launched at Oxford University, thanks to funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Leverhulme Trust.

Professor Robert Gildea of Oxford University’s Faculty of History, who led the project and interviewed over 60 French activists, said: ‘Around 1968 investigates former activists’ reflections on the revolution 40 years on, looking into their motivations; how their views have changed with age; their backgrounds, networks and interactions with others; and how political and cultural revolutions overlapped in 1968.

‘Now is the perfect time to conduct these interviews – former activists are able to reflect back and make sense of their experiences 40 years on while the recent wave of protests has brought notions of revolt and revolution to the forefront of people’s minds – today’s is the first generation of radical students since the 1970s.

~ more... ~

CYCLE V. - Blood from a stone

From Giorgio Moroder's remake of Fritz Lang's Metropolis


image from

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